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Our story began when our founder, Amy Ryan, saw a unique opportunity to bring together a team of likeminded small business owners that offered complementing business administration services to provide a holistic solution for many of the challenge’s small businesses face.

We have seen first-hand the benefits of coming together and utilising one anothers’ expertise in our individual businesses and see a huge need for this approach to enable small businesses to reach their full potential.



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Meet our team

…who will also be Your Team….

Meet our team

…who will also be Your Team….

Meet our team

…who will also be Your Team….
GreenStalk CEO - Amy Ryan

Amy Ryan – Chief Executive officer

Amy is a qualified senior financial advisor working in the finance industry for over 17 years. From running her family business to holding managerial positions at national financial services firms she has extensive experience in strategic planning and process improvements in SME’s.

She has a passion for providing holistic advice to business owners to enable them to achieve their lifestyle and financial objectives.

Amy loves brainstorming new ideas and problem solving, she also enjoys wining and dining with friends, however with two young children this has been replaced with attending kids parties and eating cake!  

GreenStalk COO - Rhys Dillon

Rhys Dillon – Chief Operating Officer

Rhys has been working in the finance industry for 18 years. In the early part of his career he worked in rural lending, but he is now running a business that specialises in residential, commercial and asset lending.  

Rhys has a passion for process and creating efficiencies within business, whilst keeping a customer centric focus. He understands all of the challenges faced by small business owners and how to achieve great results with the right planning.

When he is not working within his businesses, Rhys likes to consider himself a reasonably good DJ, playing in nightclubs throughout Perth as well as spending valuable time with his wife and two children.

GreenStalk Chief Marketing Officer - Vanessa Geraghty McGann

Vanessa Geraghty McGann – Chief Marketing Officer

Vanessa Geraghty McGann draws on 19 years marketing experience. She started off her career working for global brands such as Coca-Cola, Nestle, Cadbury and BP, and she also spent a few years working in sales roles too.  

Vanessa is fast becoming the go to marketing expert in Perth, since launching  her boutique marketing agency and marketing coaching business in 2017. She loves to work with business owners to develop a unique marketing strategy and plan for that business, to help them to attract a continuous flow of clients into their business.

When she is not being a marketing guru, she loves having dance offs with her young daughter,  going to the beach and drinking wine with her husband.  

GreenStalk CTO - Darran Brien

Darran Brien – Chief Technical Officer

Darran Brien, brings 20 years of both local and international IT experience to Greenstalk. Living in London, Darran worked for a large managed services company servicing hundreds of accounts across Europe.

Darran was quickly promoted to their largest managed services customer Virgin, to manage their IT infrastructure at their global HQ for many years. With 150 operating companies at the time, his involvement in many unique projects and businesses, ranging from Virgin Galactic, Virgin Racing, Virgin Unite and exposure to the Virgin’s culture bring a unique flavour and experience to GreenStalk and its customers.

On moving back to Perth Darran has had great success in growing his own IT business with a scalable model giving him the ultimate flexibility. In his spare time Darran enjoys picking up heavy objects and spending quality time with his cats…and wife… and dog!

GreenStalk Lending & Grants Specialist - Mike Watts

Mike Watts – Lending & Grants Specialist

Michael has spent the majority of his career in the finance industry. Prior to his current role Michael had gained experience in providing finance for large scale farming operations, commercial and the residential lending sectors, in both a marketing and management role.

Mikes passion is to help people with their financial needs. He really enjoys taking the complexity out of banking, and explaining things in real world terms, that everyone can understand.

When he is not dealing in the financial world he enjoys spending time with his family, and convincing his wife that he is a world class chef in the making.

GreenStalk CFO - Nish Shah

Nish Shah – Chief Financial Officer

Nishith has proven track record of working in the field of Accounting, Finance, Taxation for more than 25 years and is a member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants, qualified Chartered Secretary from Governance Institute of Australia Ltd, member of Taxation Institute of Australia and a member of North of the River CPA Study Circle.

He has worked in public practice and Corporate sector for several years and now operates his own private practice with his wife Neha.

Nish is passionate about assisting businesses with their accounting needs and provides proactive service and support to ensure you have transparency and control over your businesses financial health.

Giving back is important to GreenStalk 

Kids Cancer Support Group

GreenStalk is proud to support KCSG (Kids Cancer Support Group).

KCSG is a not for profit organisation, that is dedicated to connecting, supporting and enriching the lives of children diagnosed with cancer and other blood disorders.

KCSG not only recognise the impact that being diagnosed with cancer has on the child and the parents, but also the flow-on effect on siblings and grandparents.

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