You only get one chance to make a good first impression, from the speed your website loads, to the professionalism of the web design. A website visitor will decide within 10 seconds if they are going to stay or leave.

In this blog I will share some key elements that your website needs to incorporate, so that you can stand out from your competitors, and clearly articulate your point of difference.


1. Is it really clear on your website what you do?

 When someone lands on your website they need to be able to be able to understand easily:

  • What exactly do you offer?
  • What are the benefits to me?
  • How will it solve my problems/make my life better?
  • Is there any proof that you can do what you say you can do?
  • Why should I choose you over your competitors?
  • What action do you want me to take on your website?

So go and take a look now at the home page of your website and see if all of the above is really clear on your site.  If not get some new copy written, I’d always recommend getting a professional copywriter to do this.

When I visit a website, the number one thing that turns me off the site is when the business  starts to talk about how many years experience the company has, before I even know what they do.

Remember your website is not about you, it’s about your potential clients. Keep the information about you, your experience, your awards etc. in the About Us section.

A welcome video is a nice touch too on your home page, outlining what you do and who you can help. It’s a great way for a potential client to get a feel for you and your business.


2. Have you got a clear goal and plan for your website?


You also need to be really clear on the objectives and goals for your website. What is it that you want to achieve? So this could be setting a target around how many website visitors you have each month, and how many convert to a customer.

But what you don’t want to do is start selling on your website straight away. You need to warm up your cold prospects by building trust.

You need to get a potential client to know, like and trust you and this can be done through a number of ways on your website, before you ask for a sale.


3. Position yourself as the expert 


Start by adding value and educating your website visitors. Some examples of this would be:

  • Offering a free downloadable checklist or an eBook in exchange for an email address. You need to know what your potential clients problems are and produce a checklist or eBook that helps solve their problems
  • The thank you page linked to the download can also offer something of value like a link to an educational video or blog
  • An educational blog
  • A free video
  • A link to a podcast

You can position yourself as an expert by adding value, offering free tips and advice and really showing how you can solve their problems.


4. How to convert from website visitor to customer


Once you have warmed up your cold prospects with educational resources the next step is to position yourself as an authority in your field. So some examples of how you could do this are:

  • Have a Media section on your website with links to articles and interviews that you have featured in.
  • Add links to any awards that you may have won for your business.
  • Have a section on your website for testimonials and case studies, and use video in these sections. You can use a plugin on a WordPress site that links your Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews directly to your website.
  • Ideally you want to have a video testimonial on each of your services pages of your website.
  • You can also add a video to each of your product/services pages outlining the benefits of using each one. Don’t sell in these videos, simply educate on how the product/service will make their life better.
  • Be consistent with the content you are producing such as newsletters, blogs, video interviews etc.
  • And we spoke earlier about reciprocity, offer some of real value to your potential clients like a useful eBook in exchange for their email address. This can then be linked to an automated email sequence to educate them on what you do and how you have helped other people just like them.

People are looking for social proof, to endorse the decisions that they are making. Once they have found that proof they will be more likely to reach out and contact your business.

And the other thing that you can include with any landing page offer you do, or offer you do on your website is to create urgency via scarcity. So you may offer a free consult for the first 5 people who contact you that month for example.


5. Invest in a great web designer

The final component is to make sure you find a great web designer to build your website, and a copywriter. Don’t attempt to build it yourself, leave it to the experts. Try to avoid choosing a really cheap web designer as bad design will do your business and brand more damage then it’s worth.

Your website needs to look professional, be visually impactful, have excellent persuasive copy, and also use professional photos too.


So if you follow these five tips that I have shared with you on your website you will be well on your way to obtaining new customers via your website.


If you need help building or re-designing your website, get in touch today we’d love to help


Author: Vanessa Geraghty McGann, Chief Marketing Officer at GreenStalk

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