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Grow a successful business with co-sourcing

We know from experience that outsourcing business tasks to different service providers is a valid option in the early days of your business. It doesn’t work so well as you begin to grow.

Handing over tasks such as bookkeeping, marketing strategy, or systems planning to others who don’t collaborate or share your business vision, becomes counterproductive, inefficient and costly.

You need tailored business growth solutions to get to the next level.


Collaborate with experts

GreenStalk provides a collaborative support team of business experts to help you achieve business growth success by:


  • Taking the time to learn about your specific business, so we understand your objectives and work together with you to help you meet them.
  • Collaborating with you and each other to develop a tailored strategy for your business growth, so we can support your success in each area of your business.
  • Prioritising and implementing the strategies to grow your business, and reach your goals together.
  • Providing ongoing accountability with reviews to monitor your progress and keep you moving towards success.

Achieve effective,




Our holistic approach means you and your team have access to our experience and expertise. We collaborate with you to create strategic business growth.

It’s this combination of teamwork, expertise and shared vision that makes co-sourcing with GreenStalk the most effective solution to grow your business.

When you work with us, you collaborate with specialists in every aspect of your business management without the high costs of hiring staff or outsourcing.

Your Growth Solutions


 At GreenStalk, we understand that every business is unique. That’s why we develop tailored strategies to meet the specific needs of each business we work with and support.


The three packages below provide a broad overview of the different services we can offer your business.


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