Grants & Finance

Finance plays an important role in nearly every business, from financing general operations to funding the expansion, or purchase of an existing business.

Forms of financing

The most common forms of financing required in business include the following

  • Overdraft facilities – Commonly required to manage operational cashflow, allowing business to fund products and services provided before receiving payment from their clients.

  • Business loansCommonly required to purchase capital items such as a business premises, or to purchase an already existing enterprise.

  • Equipment Finance – Commonly required to purchase plant and machinery as well as motor vehicles used for business purposes.

At GreenStalk, we offer a full review of our clients existing and future financial needs. The benefits to our customers include the assurance that they have obtained the most competitive interest rate for all of their existing facilities and guidance on their future financing options. 

All applications are prepared in consultation with our clients and lodged on their behalf. 

The benefits include savings made from lower interest rates obtained, time saved in lodging and preparing loan applications and giving our clients a pathway to financing future business expansion. 

    Grant Assistance

    There is a great opportunity for Australian business to take advantage of the many Public and Private business grants available.

    Many businesses are aware that there are grants that could be available to them, there remains however a great deal of confusion in how to apply for these grants, and how to determine if a business is eligible.

    At GreenStalk we are here to help guide you through both determining your eligibility of a business grant and to assist in preparing a grant submission.

    Examples of some of the business grants that are available include the following

    • Business growth grants 
    • Employment assistance Funds
    • Employer incentive programs 
    • Rural Business enterprise grant
    • Fedex small business grant

    The benefits

    The benefits for GreenStalk customers in our Grants and Finance service are as follows:

    • A full review of your existing finance requirements, and identification of where costs savings can be made
    • Assistance with preparing and lodging finance applications
    • Regular reviews to ensure that as your financing needs are being met.
    • Identification of grants that are available to your business
    • Assistance in preparing and lodging business grant applications

    Get in touch today to find out how we can help. 

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