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Productivity is the engine of human progress – it is what propels our society forwards. The promise of technology is to help us get more done with less effort.”

This is why IT is such a crucial part of the modern business and if implemented and utilised correctly it provides the ability for you to grow and scale your business efficiently whilst maximising productivity.

The hurdles to reaching your business goals

Data security is a common problem.

With companies’ data being critical to their operation, ransomware and other cyber attacks can hit a staggering AU$29 billion per year, the equivalent of almost 2% of Australia’s GDP. Direct costs include tangible losses in revenue, decreased profitability and fines, lawsuits and remediation. 

Mobility requires security. Greenstalk employs an end to end IT security system which is managed and monitored by our technical team.

We also often discover backup systems not implemented across all platforms, not monitored or not configured correctly. Our technical team can assess the existing backup infrastructure and provide recommendations as required. Moving forward our team monitors and test backup systems for you.

Finding the correct technical solution

Another issue we find is many businesses have a slew of different platforms which they are not using and paying for are out dated and inefficient. As part of our process we discover, assess and make recommendations on streamlining these platforms.

By finding the correct technical solutions we assist businesses to increase efficiency collaboration, customer, satisfaction and engagement.

We also assist in providing employees with a digital flexible workplace results in higher productivity and enabling team members to collaborate over long distances.

We provide flexible support solutions as we understand fluid casual environments are becoming the norm with 9-5 shift becoming a thing of the past.

Businesses need to implement technologies to enable this with IT support being available 24/7.

Quick resolution

Gone are the days of extended wait times for your IT guys to get to site and diagnose and resolve issues. The majority of our support calls are resolved within one hour from being logged using our remote tools monitoring systems and often before customers realise there is even an issue.

Our priority is to not interrupt businesses and users; so much of our work takes place after normal business hours. This includes maintenance and software/hardware upgrades.

GreenStalks unique business model means unlike most outsourced IT providers where IT is separate function, not integrating with the Marketing, Business and Finance strategies. At Greenstalk our collaborative team ensures the strategies align across departments increasing efficiencies and saving costs.

Our approach at Greenstalk is to provide clear, simple and understandable technology solutions, which are efficient, easy to manage, robust and cost effective. With these foundations we can build better businesses together.

Here are the areas we can help you with: 


Network design, implementation and support are a core part of our service offerings. Optimising and extending your business network can reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Server Solutions

Server installations and migrations ensure you are running the latest operating systems taking full advantage of new technology to increase your business’s effectiveness.

Wi-Fi Solutions

Robust, fast and reliable Wi-Fi networks are part of our design ethos. We have completed a number of large-scale, complex deployments with great results.

Network Security

Ensuring your data and network is secure is an important part of running your business. Using the latest hardware and software to control access, inspection data, stop virus outbreaks in their tracks.

Project Management

As part of integrating new products into your environment, we provide management on implementation of hardware and software to ensure a smooth and professional project delivery.

Cloud Computing

Thinking of exploring the options around using your IT infrastructure in the cloud? Want to remove reliance on equipment onsite? Contact us to discuss how you can leverage its benefits for your business.

Offsite Backup

AusConnect provides business continuity support through off-site backup of your data, giving you the option to restore quickly, safely and reliably.

VOIP Solutions

VOIP can greatly reduce your phone costs while providing a stable, highly configurable phone service. Cloud based PABX systems can be accessed by phones anywhere using the internet.

Internet Connections

We can recommend a variety of high speed internet connections enabling fast and resilient solutions for your network. Talk to us about the right broadband solution for your business.

Help Desk Support

Central to all our support services is the AusConnect helpdesk. Day or night, our engineers are on hand to solve your technical issues.

On-site Support

Phone and email are great tools, but couple this with a routine on-site visit and we’ve got you covered using Greenstalk IT.

Managed Monitoring

Providing complete access and control; our award winning monitoring platform is at the heart of everything we do.

Consultancy Services

Access a full suite of IT project and consultancy services delivered on a flexible, on-demand basis.

Engineering Team

Smart and service obsessed, our IT engineers are quite simply the best in the business.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help. 

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