Marketing Strategy & Plan

If you are not seeing the results that you would like from your marketing efforts, it may be because you have skipped the step of developing a marketing strategy for your small business. 

It’s tempting to jump into a whole range of marketing tactics to try and get some quick wins…

But by developing your marketing strategy before your marketing tactics (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO etc.) you will be laying the foundations for your long term growth and success.

So where do you start with building a marketing strategy?

The starting point is to research and understand your idea client. So we will need to do market research with your existing client base to understand: 

  • Where are they searching for solutions both online and offline?

  • How do they make decisions between which company to choose?

  • What’s important to them when choosing your type of service?

  • What information do they look at online to help them make a decision?

  • How did they hear about you?

  • Do they read Google Reviews? 

  • And you can also find out in this market research what you do really well as a business and what could improve.

Market research

At GreenStalk before we starting building your marketing plan the first step is market research.

Your ideal client

Once we have compiled your market research findings, we can then develop your Buyer Persona, which is a fictitious representation of your ideal client. This will help us understand the path to purchase. You may have more than one Buyer Persona based on the breadth of services that you offer. 


Core message & Point of Difference 

The market research also helps us to articulate your point of difference. Your point of difference needs to be: 

  • Unique
  • And meaningful to your ideal client 

In order to identify your point of difference we will also take a look at some of your main competitors to identify possible gaps in the market for you to take advantage of. 

Your core message then is how you communicate your point of difference across your website, social media, email newsletters, brochures, via your staff etc.

Content Plan

The next step is then to build a content plan for your business. This will help to move your ideal client along their buyer journey. Content includes videos, EDMs, social media content and more. Content is crucial to position  yourself as the best solution for your ideal clients, and to add value and educate your audience. 

Content is the voice of your strategy so it’s how you communicate what you do, and who you help, and how you solve their problems in a unique and meaningful way.

Marketing Plan

The final step then is to map out the best marketing channels to deliver your core message and reach your ideal client. We use a unique marketing framework to build your marketing plan. 

A marketing strategy and plan will help you to lay the foundations to your success, and will help you to attract a continuous flow of new clients into your business. 

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