All businesses have different procedures and unique ways of operating.

Sometimes these ways of conducting business are not efficient or could be improved. It is often the case that business is conducted a certain way, because it has always been done that way or business owners are not aware of other options that are available to improve their efficiencies.

Many business owners don’t have the time to work ‘on their business’ as they are too busy working ‘in their business’, meaning that they spend all of their time doing the work that is required within their business and rarely take the time to step back and look at their business as a whole and work out better ways of doing things. 

This is why it is important to find efficiencies where possible, to enable the owner to gain back more time, make more profit, expand their business or all of the above.

At Greenstalk we conduct a full process and procedure audit and look at bespoke ways of fixing pain points within these processes. These solutions might be simplifying the process or introducing technology solutions. Every business is different, and each business will require a different solution.

As we work as a cohesive team across all departments of Greenstalk, our unique point of difference is that we are able to brainstorm our ideas and ensure that they work across all areas of the business. This way we avoid any unintended consequences that can affect other areas of the business when suggesting solutions.

Once we have done this. We are able to assist business owners in documenting their process and procedure manuals as well as assist them in the implementation of technology solutions and staff engagement. 

Often business owners never get around to documenting these things due to time restraints, but it adds a real value to the business when you can take on new staff and grow your team, with clear direction and accountability. This can also ad to the salability of a business.

The overall result is a business that runs really efficiently and adds value to the owner, staff and customers.

Greenstalk’s operational benefits:

  • Process Audit

  • Collaborate with all areas of the business to find solutions

  • Suggest ways of improving processes and gaining efficiencies

  • Explore technology solutions to ‘make life easier’

  • Assist in the documentation of process and procedure manuals

  • Process mapping

  • Assist in the implementation of new procedures and technology solutions

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